Suvasa eCommerce website is all about block printed apparel and furnishing based on Rajasthan’s traditional clothing, printing, heritage, and craft. For high responsiveness and ease of integration, we used Magento integration websites fitting each element at the right place to improve the layout of the website.


RatanJaipur is an eCommerce website that takes pride in offering a wide range of hand block printed Home furnishings, Apparel, Packaging & Stationery. The website has redefined the design philosophy with a cultural and timeless user-friendly layout with the help of Laravel - a top PHP website builder framework.


Kilol is an eCommerce application where user can do online shopping.Made on the most open-source eCommerce software solution, Drupal, the website presents products, easy checkout process, invoices, receipts, orders, and payments and performs as per online user needs.

Bloomfield College

Bloomfield College



Trunks Company

We design and Handcraft trunks with our Heart and Soul, without any compromise, thus evolving Indian craftsmanship and making difference to the lives Involved in the part of our Journey!!


Attempt at reviving and revitalising Handblock Printing traditional art form, thereby preserving a textile heritage. Nestled in the heart of Sanganer, Rangotri has been producing unique & beautifully handcrafted textiles and soft home furnishings in cotton, silk and linen using specialised skills of block printing , hand embroidery, quilting and applique in its designs.


Tall fescue is the most widely planted turf grass and one of the most important forage and fodder species for livestock.The proposed research will benefit society at large. The focal parasites are some of the most economically important of pastures, turf grass, and small grain crops. It may provide insights into sustainable pest management.

Cup it up

The “Cup It Up American Grill” concept was derived out of a need for convenience and mobility.  By separating the most popular proteins, greens, sides and toppings, we allow the consumer the ultimate choice of fresh options. All of our menu ingredients will be grilled or served fresh in their natural state.

Area Cooperative Educational Services

Area Cooperative Educational Services (ACES) has been living its mission: To empower students, member districts, and others to meet educational and life challenges for close to fifty-years. ACES is the regional educational service center for the twenty-five communities in New Haven County. ACES is both a non-profit service organization and a school district that serves over 2,000 students in three magnet and five special education schools.

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