Neerja Softwares is an Indian company contributing through offshore clients, managing web technology and services as an IT solution provider. It is always our foremost endeavor to surpass in creativity and development of the industry’s most advanced technologies like Mobile Apps, Web, mCommerce, eCommerce, Internet of Things, Wearables, Cloud Integration, Cross-platform, On-demand Small and Enterprise Solutions.

Our focus is to establish business value to our clientele through cutting edge technology, regular innovation packed research with the cost effective approach. Our testimonials are on a wide spectrum in the facets of national and international standards in terms of quality and output.

Our CORE VALUES/What we are known for


Solid Expertise

Professionals to the core – that's what we are. We flaunt our solid expertise for innovating and emphasizing on details way beyond our client's expectations and provide fruitful results.

Hassle Free Project management

Our clients receive the industry's best services with our skillful & meticulously dedicated project management staff, our detailed online basecamp project management system, total quality control checkpoints and advanced software & applications development expertise.

Innovative technology Solution

Our prime focus is on benefiting our clients with the last minute updated versions of innovative technology solutions to keep them in the forefront of their competition.


We are truly passionate in our line of work. Our zeal to excel comes from the smiles of our clientele who feel pride in being associated with us – whether for a recent update or meeting with nail biting project completion deadlines.


Quality First is always our cherished goal and we stand by it. What could be a better appreciation of our work when the client and their end-users beam with joy at the quality of the applications that we create for them.



Our vision is to become the World’s largest initiative for innovative learning by revolutionizing education & work to make it more Effective, Efficient and Productive.

What our clients say


We mean Business

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