06 Oct, 2017 General
Web Push Notifications: What should you keep in mind

Web Push notification is one of the latest marketing strategies that refer to the notifications sent by websites on your device. This model allows the companies to send you the notification even if they don’t have your email. Secondly, you don’t need to be logged in to a specific website in order to receive the notification. Besides, web push notification employs a visual model that creates a sense of urgency and aimed at triggering responses or prompting action from the audience. There are a few things to keep in mind in order to get the best benefits of web push notifications:

Mantra for success

The mantra for successful push notifications is here- Be Creative, Quick and Quirky! Your notification should instantly catch the eye and tickle the senses. Avoid regular stuff. Notify them about something really interesting like latest blogs, great offers or new products.

A picture is akin to a thousand words. That might be an exaggeration but studies do reveal that graphics attract our attention more quickly than words. Try to grab eyeballs by using graphics and sprinkle your message with emoticons wherever possible.

Don’t overdo the things. Be minimalistic. Use the words very judiciously that can instantly connect with the audience and prompt him to act in the split moment.

Timing Matters

Timing well is the key to maximise the clicks. Ask yourself “Is it the right time to send the push notifications?” If you will send the web push notifications of the late night sale during the noontime it might fail to create a sense of urgency because of the time gap. Netizens, especially the ones into the middle of something important might think that there is still plenty of time until the sale begins. Yes, many of them might forget by the time when the sale will begin at the night. A right approach would be to get them

Personalize notifications

Personalizing the web push notification can do wonders. Identify your audience and accordingly send them the appropriate notifications at the best time about something that is really relevant to them. Depending on the browsing behaviour, age group, interests, and income the same notification have a different effect on the different audience. For instance, sending late night sales notifications to the audience that browse the net well past midnight can get you a large chunk of buyers and make your sales a hit! However, sending these notification early sleepers can actually annoy them and if you continue pushing such notification to your users they might get disenchanted.

The good thing is that you don’t have to recruit a dedicated staff to monitor the behaviour of your audience. There are a number of free and low cost tools available in the market that can allow you to determine the behaviour of your audience so that you can personalize the web push notification to gel well with their personality and habits.

Use it creatively

Web push notification is not only for announcing new product arrivals or telling people about the sales or discount. There are a number of innovative ways in which you can use web push notifications to get the benefit.

Many times the shopper start filling them e-carts till at the end they realize that the funds are not enough. It generally happens with h audience using the net banking facilities. Hence instead of cancelling the order, they save it to buy some next time. In the thick of things, they might forget and you cannot blame them for that.

However, you can remind them of their saved shopping carts via web push notifications and encourage them to complete their shopping. This way you may actually be saved from the revenue loss arising out of incomplete shopping procedures.

Respect your audience’s time

Time is the rare commodity and the statement hold more trust of the netizens. There are a number of activities an average netizen does on the internet. So it would not be an exaggeration to say that wasting their online time or taking them through lengthy processes is an offense. The penalty for this offense is really high - permanently losing your audience or customers! Besides, the web push notifications that tell an audience to “Act Fast” and take them through a labyrinth of 5-6 pages upon clicking defeat the very objective and of course they look “unpleasantly funny”! No one enjoys them.

Ensure that the web push notifications should directly take them to the page with CTR button, period. There is no point taking them to the unwanted ride through multiple pages many of which may be completely irrelevant to them.

In many cases, the clients who might otherwise be interested in visiting the single relevant page may lose their interest as you web push notification takes them through the series of irrelevant pages. This way you can lose a number of clients.