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 Laravel framework the best choice for PHP web development

What is the laravel Framework?

PHP laravel is an open-source web development framework. It is used in the development of dynamic web applications. 

Laravel is one of the most popular frameworks of current times. It is a lightweight framework that works on an MVC (Model View Controller) architecture. This architecture provides it a better design functionality.

MVC includes three components. These components are, Model that consists of a set of data on which a user performs different operations. View which consists of the components that are used in User Interface.

The controller is a manager that manages both the model and view. It is an alternate for the CodeIgniter PHP framework.

Laravel Advanced Features

  • Authorization and Authentication: Authorization and authentication are web development essentials. Both of these make most of the developers struggle. Laravel provides an inbuilt feature of authorization and authentication. You can authorize different users by registering them. It also provides them with a particular login credential.
  • Security: If you are a web developer then you have known how important security is for a web application. There are different security threats that arise due to vulnerable frameworks. PHP laravel is the securest platform that is having less or no vulnerabilities. It also prevents malicious activities performed by hackers to get access to your web application to modify or corrupt your data.
  • Unit Testing: PHP Laravel makes Unit Testing an easy process. It is capable of running multiple test cases at a particular moment. These test cases include different modules that are to be tested by application testers. It enables the testers to write their test case scenarios using a set of code.
  • Libraries and Modules: PHP laravel framework provides it with some OOP (Object Oriented Programming) features. These features include different modules and libraries. One of the libraries of Laravel is named the Authentication library. This library is used to make new users register and enable them to reset their login credentials. These libraries and modules help developers create highly responsive websites and web applications.

These are some of the advanced features presented in the latest version of PHP Laravel. PHP laravel uses features of some popular web development languages which makes this framework robust. PHP Laravel is currently one of the highly used web development platforms. There are several Laravel web development companies that offer web development services to their clients.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Laravel

Advantages of Laravel

  • Highly Secure: There are different cyber threats that cause a lot of damage to our systems and the data that is stored in our systems. These threats can cause different issues like a data breach. PHP Laravel Framework is such a system that is secure enough and has lesser or no vulnerabilities. It is a secured framework that protects your web applications from vulnerabilities and cyber threats.
  • Faster Web Development: As we all know Website development is one of the lengthier processes. It takes a lot of time in web development using other frameworks. Web development includes both backend and frontend development. Laravel makes web development a faster process. You can develop a whole website by entering a few commands instead of coding. You can also hire a dedicated PHP developer.
  • User Authorization: The laravel framework provide you with this characteristic. Laravel consists of an Authorization feature that is inbuilt. This feature helps developers in providing access to authorized users. This feature also enables developers to authorize different users. User authorization takes place by granting access permissions to the users of web applications.
  • Easy Web Optimizations: Laravel enables easier web optimizations. These optimizations make your website swift and responsive. It consists of cache systems that enable developers to configure multiple caches of a particular website. This process leads to reduce in website loading time.
  • Automated Testing: Using Laravel enables developers to test the different modules of their websites. Laravel is built with the purpose of testing that helps developers in increasing productivity. It consists of Inbuilt unit testing support that tests different modules one after another of your website.
  • Boost your application performance: laravel is capable enough to provide higher performance to your websites or web applications. It consists of different inbuilt tools or addons that improvise your website performance. These tools can easily optimize your website and boost its performance.

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Disadvantages of laravel

  • Update Issues: Update in the PHP Laravel framework can cause a lot of issues. Developers have to take several precautions while updating the system. During the update and after the update the users are facing several problems.
  • Slow development: As compared to other PHP frameworks Laravel is a bit slower. Web development is a much slower process in the laravel framework. Other frameworks enable faster web development.
  • Complex Development: There are some functionalities of PHP Laravel that are complex for developers who have just started with it. You have to learn different aspects and functionalities of Laravel then only you can use it with ease.

finally we got a conclusion


Laravel is one of the most perfect frameworks that can develop websites and web-based applications dynamically. We have researched different things on laravel. The research study provides detailed knowledge about the PHP Laravel framework. Laravel framework follows all the principles of the PHP language.
PHP Laravel web development process is much faster as compared to other frameworks. It consists of a Command line interface used for building up a particular website.
We have also compared the advantages and disadvantages of the PHP Laravel Framework. It is having a higher number of advantages as compared to its drawbacks which makes it one of the best PHP frameworks.