It is believed by Neerja Softwares that communication today is not limited to just emails or telecom, it has multiplied and expanded immensely to blend socially. The way of communication is completely transformed by Social Networking. Reason behind the popularity of Social Networking is its characteristic of sharing ideas and messages or anything else at very negligible charges. We at Neerja offer Social Media applications along with totally reliable and feature-rich social networking solutions.


  • Social Networking Software
  • System Messages
  • Community Solutions
  • Enhance interactivity through email campaigns & newsletters
  • Content Management
  • App development including business apps, game apps and contest apps
  • Comprehensive viral statistics
  • Facebook API development and integration
  • Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn Applications
  • Message Boards
  • Strategy & consulting
  • Shared Media
  • Video Podcast



Our software solutions help in making your business highly productive, even during the time of steep and radical changes. Neerja's business model encapsulated social media, collaboration & communication features to help enhance and boost up sales along with customer satisfaction. Our custom made software solutions, also helps in your human resource department wherein you can appoint fresh resources in a quicker, easy and most effective manner. We are aware of the impact of social capabilities to your business progress and we create just the right blend for you. Neerja's social software solutions are equipped with the following alluring features:

The Personalized Touch


We understand business well enough and know that every business has its unique characteristics and preferences. Owing to these attributes we create social solutions that enable and provide generous opportunities to personalize and synchronize with different business structures. Right from the stage of concept we design an aesthetic look and feel along with security access, the solutions that we offer are easily customizable to add value to businesses.

Era of Communication


Communication is an integral part of every successful business enterprise today. An effective communication channel guarantees that one gets proper business benefits as well as valuable customer insights and helps in catering to their requirements in a more decisive way. Solutions provided by Neerja are user friendly and allows you to share information, work efficiently towards improvements, and conjure a competitive advantage in the business sphere.

Privacy A Must


One has to be very careful that a security breach may not prevail in one's business and social collaborations. We make it a point to provide solutions with maximum flexibility so that a client can safely choose his desired privacy levels to complement the basic need of one's business.

Resource Sharing and Collaboration


Software Solutions offered by Neerja are competent enough to support Internal & external resource sharing through various modes of resources such as documents, media, utility applications, games on Intra as well as Extra Net.


  • Neerja is completely enable to propel the maximal number of users to the prescribed and desired social media network.
  • Creating and managing connections with user relations.
  • Our deft social media team is constantly in the process of developing eye-catching and user beholding features for a substantial and purposeful social networking.
  • Effective Marketing of social networking apps or site to desired target audience
  • Relentless and Dynamic support from our Social Networking team.
  • Unending regular maintenance of site. Updation with the current and upcoming technologies for keeping up pace with.

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