Quality Assurance

Like other sectors we welcome our clients by delivering quality assurance products and services since we consider them as kings.

We are the top prominent suppliers in the IT segment for quality oriented and customer centric tailor made websites and services across India and in the overseas. We are prominent leaders and have the expertise in website development of various kinds. We have proven ourselves time and again working on the Sigma’s in respect of quality assurance and apt delivery in the best promised time available and post sales relations with customers. Some of the reasons why somebody should be on the look out for us:


Personal and Flexible Service

Our small size (110 engineers at last count) makes us flexible. We don't get bogged down by internal red tape because we haven't any. We're quick to come up with ideas and suggest solutions. Our CEO, CTO, COO are always in the loop and are a phone call away. We are not a factory, and we believe our customers deserve a little more than just cost-savings when they come offshore.


Qualified Manpower

We are small in size (110 engineers till date) but we still don't compromise with the quality or service. We don't get stressed down by clients requests and recommendations as we are always on a look out for a good quality product. We're quick with ideas and complete solutions.


Tech for Tech

A little less than half of our customers are technology companies! Would you believe it? As a software company, we provide software services to other software companies who choose to work with us because of our strong technical base and our value proposition as an offshore provider. This allows tech companies to use our offshore base and puts them on the path to profitability.


Quality Testing

With information systems becoming backbones to corporate strategy and enterprise effectiveness, the cost associated with failure of website solutions has become the driving force behind the growth of QUALITY ASSURANCE and SOFTWARE TESTING services.

Considering the immense opportunities and scope in website quality assurance and testing, Neerja Softwares is offering website testing as an independent service. Our quality assurance plans and services model is based on creating a dedicated website testing team that extends the in-house engineering team of the client.

Our testing teams have contributed to the release of products and applications that are today used by many of the national and international companies into varied sectors.

Breadth of projects

Over the last 12 years, we've done projects that span a breadth of disciplines. From hospitals to real estate, hotels to education and other allied sectors we've got a little bit more experience that our resume would suggest.

Have something special in mind? Ask us and we may surprise you with our experience.

Satisfied Clientele

Our lead generation and success ratio and repeat ratio are the highest through customer loyalty. Over half of our revenues every year are from repeat business. We believe that it's our top quality, personal service and great value that have customers staying with us over many years. At least 30% of our customers have been with us from over 8 years (which is saying a lot in this day and age).