Cloud computing. Mobility. Big data. They have drastically and positively changed the scenario of doing business nowadays. To tap these business aspects and generate competitive benefits from them, a company requires an IT consulting services partner who is adept with thorough domain expertise, well-defined strategies and innovative solutions.

Neerja Consulting Services specify, plan, design and execute an effective IT plan of action that steer business growth, generate fresh revenue streams and reduce costs. We envision a futuristic approach, while understanding your business visions, ideals and goals, skill requirements, IT environment and policies. Thereafter we brainstorm and develop a proper plan of action based on the best methodologies to provide desirable results.

The Neerja strategic approach cuts down the hazard of midway problems and issues and delivers more definable holistic outcomes. Our distinguished services include:

  • Decision advisors for IT investments
  • Experts at providing solutions to complex processes, tools and technologies
  • Industry smart Advice panel
  • Brainstorming from thorough field experience with clients from varied range of industries

Architecture Planning and Design Services Choose an experienced team for your IT projects IT Strategy and Consulting Define, design and execute IT strategies that drive business growth

Architecture Planning, Design & Dev Services

Select a knowledgeable team for your IT projects


With no dearth of challenges one faces in today's business scenario to cut down expenses, better up performance and efficiency along with the addition of new capabilities, project modernization, cloud computing and mobility, Neerja's proficient architects bring comprehensibility to the clients IT projects and create value based plan of action to effectively take care of executive concerns. We strive to define, plan and deliver clear, broad goals and engineer significant solutions.

We provide the following services

IT Architecture Consulting


As newer applied technologies appear to take care of complex business problems, it is highly essential for businesses to sensibly deploy them using appropriate architecture techniques and principles. Neerja holds domain and technological expertise to judge and understand the best tools and technologies for your IT based business environment.

IT Solution Architecture


Neerja's services encompass product portfolio engineering as well as legacy modernization prowess. We are adept at building robust IT infrastructures for different industries such as retail, automobile, insurance, manufacturing, travel, transportation and technology clients.

IT Architecture-Led Engineering


Neerja architects are experts at integration testing and performance engineering of old and new technologies. Our development module ensures proper and successful deployment inculcating proven and known methodologies during coding process, system integration and rigorous application testing.

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