We have been helping businesses and organizations design, build and maintain cutting edge, cost-effective web solutions that can quickly adapt with the rapidly changing standards of the insurance industry. We ensure success through our innovative web services that include custom SaaS development, design & development, web hosting, etc.

Whether you want to launch a new insurance website or create a mobile app, we can deliver customized web solutions that are robust enough to meet the unique needs of your organization.



Responsive Design

Get your site mobile-friendly with responsive web design. We carefully craft your website for easy navigation, providing your users with a seamless experience that adapts to any device.

Website Redesign

A comprehensive redesign of your old site may be just what's required to increase visitor traffic, resolve architectural shortcomings, fix navigation issues and add new features such as "mobile responsive" design.

Design & Development

We can help your businesses or organization design and develop a custom website using a results focused process that reduces overall cost and maximizes return on investment.

SaaS Development

Leveraging the dynamic duo of Web and Cloud Computing, we can help you build a powerful and scalable software solutions that can be accessed anywhere, anytime, from any device.

Web Hosting

We offer fast, secure, and reliable VPS, dedicated and cloud hosting services for websites, applications and development. Our infrastructure is fully optimized and specifically tuned to provide your websites and applications with maximum performance, high-availability, and elastic scalability.

Mobile Development

Whether you are looking for guidance on your existing iOS or Android technologies, a demo product that will impress future investors, or a production-quality application, our expert team of mobile engineers can help turn your idea into a working mobile app.

The Integration platform for INSURANCE


Modernization of Legacy Systems

Modernize the applications with an agility layer for the future so it will be beneficial for cost, easy addition of new features, reuse of assets and standardize the process.

Improve predictive analytics

Deepen customer relationships with timely and comprehensive information.

Extend distribution channels

Transform the customer experience and secure competitive advantage.


  • Making change to a running business and adding functionality to it is a quite challenging task which is precisely handled by Neerja. The company makes sure that your system run properly and adopts changes too resulting in increased productivity and efficiency.
  • Easy-to-use interface helps staff members to perform their task faster and easier than before.
  • The Creative IT solutions help save time and money and resources.
  • We aim at improving every aspect of Insurance company right from design to development and implementation.
  • Certified Insurance web development company.
  • Excellent technical support.
  • Strict time management.

We deliver pragmatic solutions to our clients by combing best-of-breed technologies and valuable components.