With ongoing innovations in the IT Infrastructure space, enterprises have to keep pace with changes to ensure that they get the maximum out of the investment. Another factor is asset refresh which is inevitable for end of life products. Most of the design activities are retained in house and ageing workforce is a big concern. However, they also want to ensure that they keep the costs low, get the best quality and availability, without sacrificing on performance. Some of the typical asks are:

  • Factory model for building infrastructure components, patch deployment
  • Lower cost of operation
  • Improve overall resiliency in Infrastructure space
  • Reduce cycle time for building quality infrastructure
  • Performance and interoperability issues
  • Quality processes

Our services are designed help you:

  • Take load of the technical architect team
  • Design & build IT environments that was defined by business architects
  • Handle large volumes of service catalogue based infrastructure build in a factory model leveraging the global delivery model
  • Carry out comprehensive infrastructure testing for all components in an integrated environment for compute, storage, network, database in a physical or virtual environment
  • Manage and certify OS images and finally help in doing capacity planning, utilization analysis for different types of virtual environments.

Our focused offering deal with the following areas:

  • Technical design and Architecture Services
  • Infrastructure Build services
  • Infrastructure Testing services
  • Infrastructure tuning services

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