Our well equipped business infrastructure systems have the state-of-the-art technology labs with latest gadgets, Internet Infrastructure and Internet Data Center of international standards to make work user friendly.

We have the latest setup in terms of furniture and fixtures with a sitting capacity of 500+ employees accompanied by most modern Conference room, live chat room, training labs, entertainment paradise, canteen and rest rooms etc.

The whole compound is fitted with camera surveillance and adapts security measure equipments. The work space is surrounded by latest technology systems, add-ons and other testing equipments also align the arena. The corporate intranet consists primarily of Intel Boxes and provides a host of servers including Windows 2000, IIS, Linux, Apache, TomCat, JBoss, MS SQL, Oracle and MySQL.

We have uninterrupted 24 hours communication system with lease line connections i.e. high speed internet lines/connection to the offshore development teams. Direct connectivity with an earth station ensures that the software development teams have sufficient bandwidth to interact with the overseas clients and, if need be, carry out complex and resource demanding operations over the Internet in a highly distributed environment irrespective of the location of the client's development facility.

Our present communication link has served us very well in the various development, maintenance and quality assurance projects we have been doing for the US, UK and European companies. Most of these projects involve extensive communication and collaboration between the onshore team in the US or UK and the offshore team in India, in the form of VPN access, online meetings, working with remote source code repository, emails, remote system administration and maintenance and document transfers.