We offer fast, secure, and reliable hosting for all platforms including websites, applications and development. Our infrastructure is fully optimized and specifically tuned to provide your websites and applications with maximum performance, high-availability, and elastic scalability. And when hosting with NEERJA you have constant access to advice and support from our experts, experts that are always on hand to help with any issue relating to your website/software. Discover how we can make your website truly exceptional with our Hosting Solutions.


Meeting HIPAA compliance is challenging – and that’s putting it lightly.

Our HIPAA compliant hosting solutions can help your healthcare practice, business, or organization meet HIPAA compliance standards and withstand government scrutiny. Whatever your technical requirements, we offer top-grade HIPAA compliant hosting solutions that have all been audited by a qualified independent third party and come with round the clock monitoring and support.

Scalable & Secure VPS & Dedicated Server Hosting Solutions. The Ultimate in Power, Performance & Control Over Your Online Presence.

With a decade of experience serving the hosting industry Everdata Technologies can correctly analyze your requirements and provide you with the solution that is exactly what your business needs. We have an experienced team of hosting professionals that are ready to assist you 24x7x365. In addition, we offer the best deals to fit any budget. We also provide 24×7 true technical support that is fully capable of addressing any issues and maintain high quality of the service.

Scalable On-Demand, Pay Only When You Use.

Harness the power of our flexible, reliable and secure cloud hosting solutions that can grow with your needs. Some of the major benefits of Cloud Hosting are Easy and Quick Deployment, Cost Effectiveness, Business Continuity, Data Sovereignty, huge savings since one doesn’t have to invest in Capital Expenditure, Data Security & Speed and Agility.




Backed by a robust Service Level Agreement (SLA), our hosting solutions are built on top of a fully redundant architecture that provides your sites and applications with high availability. Our high availability architecture provides continued service in the event that system components fail.

Elastic Scalability

Our hosting solutions offer you a cloud framework that can automatically scale the amount of resources provided to a server. In other words, when the load to your site increases more resources are added to the server and then they are reduced when they are no longer needed.

Manage With Ease

Our hosting solutions offer you a comprehensive suite of tools to help you analyze and monitor your sites and applications, providing you with real-time data on load, traffic usage, amount of memory and CPU utilized.

Simple Deployment

In just minutes you can easily deploy your public or private Drupal project using GIT, SVN, archive or plugins like Maven, Eclipse, Apache Ant, Intellij IDEA and NetBeans.




We have administrative, physical and technological safeguards implemented to defend against the compromise of your patient data. These safeguards give you have higher level of security, protect against unwarranted physical and technical access, as well as protect your sensitive data across multiple platforms, servers and devices.


Our hosting solutions have been independently audited, which means that all of our datacenters, cloud servers and managed dedicated servers have been audited and comply with standards.

Expert Staff

Our highly qualified staff receive regular and security training. Our experts also ensure that your solution remains up-to-date as it evolves and new regulations appear.


Our high-availability, fully redundant infrastructure keep your valuable and sensitive information easily accessible when you need it the most.

24/7 Monitoring

We consistently monitor and report any suspicious movement that may put patient data in danger.


6. Get access to unlimited 24-hour live chat and ticket support. Our goal is to get your issue resolved as quickly as possible so that you can you can tend to what matters, your website.

Our only priority is to find a hosting solution that best meets your needs.


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