"One size does not fit for all. Every customer is special and has unique requirements. We adapt our approach so that our customers get the most from us."

Versatility at its best. That's how simply our Business model takes care of client-centric requirements during the architectural development process. We strive for only the best-in-class and stick to deadlines and milestones as its our inbuilt promise to our clients. Our versatile models are conveniently priced with no hidden costs or additional overheads and you are very much aware of getting dedicated resources for your project work.



Team on Hire is our most economical and client friendly model. In this model, the client needs to hire 5 specialized experts and we give him a Project Manager absolutely – FREE !!! Isn't it a wonderful freebie. Someone who takes care of overseeing the team working and reports judiciously on a regular basis.




At Neerja we understand the need for having a knowledgeable control over our project's development process. So, we have a 'Developer on Hire' Model in which you can hire dedicated web programmers, web designers, quality analysts, mobile app software developers and even a SEO team.

You can choose from the given below 3 options which best suit your needs and requirements.


Full-time on Hire

Developer on Hire is our most sought after model. We share a transparency with our clients and they are happy to be on the same page as the developers working on their project and can conveniently crop any issues right in the bud stage. It's a client-centric option wherein they can hire experts specialized in their respective fields of web development or designing, mobile app development and SEO end-to-end during their project development.



This model is most suitable for those clients who have worked out the minutest details of their project work with regards to requirement gathering, scope, production and deployment schedule of their project. On getting the exact snapshot of your above said requirements, we calculate a fixed price billing for you along with acceptable time bound delivery schedule. This option helps to remain in budget and meet the deployment date on the prefixed time.



For projects which do not come under the normal purview of estimated calculations, this Flexible Time, Resource and Material model is a sure-shot handyman. This helps in taking into account the application development in terms of incremental and iterative values keeping in mind the client's notes and inputs. It's a simple agile model in which we calculate the man hours dedicated by the designated resources on a daily or weekly basis and charge the client accordingly.