Communication Process

The business development manager communicates with the client and understands his ideas and concepts about the desired product. The BDM, client as well as the entire software development team are added to a base camp so that all concerned remain on the same page. The BDM has a face-to-face conversation via a whiteboard as well as communicating through phone, video conferencing, chat and email. Once all the inputs from the client is taken, we prepare a digital snapshot and share it with the client. Once the basic idea is confirmed from both ends.

Then comes the integral part of requirement gathering for the desired product.  The BDM prepares a questionnaire to gather inputs and accordingly gets ready some prototypes for the clients’ approval. This helps the client to understand the product and define further requirements, if any. The documentation is done at every stage of this process and takes care of all the nitty-gritty of the project work. We continue this process till major improvements complete effectively and the project work gets underway.