Drupal Themes On eBay

Drupal Themes On eBay

Hi everyone.

Firstly, a Happy New Year etc. Work got a bit hectic over the Christmas period which resulted in the lack of posts recently, but I'm gradually cranking back into action.

Anyway, whilst doing a little holiday shopping last month I came across one of the several listings on eBay for Drupal themes. Naturally, I had to take a closer look. Imagine my 'surprise' when I found out that this was in fact just a bundle of freely available themes.

I particularly like the part in the ad copy which says:

"They have taken us years to find and explore for quality to save you time and money" - really? Years?

There then follows a 'handy' explanation about how to install and enable your theme, which is written entirely in black font on a black background, and also contains out of date information - nice.

And just to finish off:

"These templates are FREE" - except, of course, when you buy them from this listing - oh dear.

Best to not even get started on the eBay Drupal ebook sellers ;)