Drupal Commons

Drupal Commons

'Neerja Softwares' team witnessed a cerebral presentation last week on the Drupal topic called as “Drupal Commons”. Some of the excerpts of this presentation are shared here below. "Drupal brings people together; Commons gives them something to do". It helps us to add wikis, calendars, groups, and other social web features easily. And all that’s built on the Drupal, with all its familiar features and advantages. “Drupal Commons” is Acquia product. (Refer: Commons Acquia ) Using Acquia’s paid subscription; the system can make use of Acquia's search service and other paid services. Some fragments of the presentation are briefly shared below:

  1. Firstly, we need to analyze the requirement of the projects for which we are going to develop and then decide whether we require Drupal Commons or not. If there are 50% of modules, then we can use the one with Drupal Commons package.
  2. Its usage becomes important, as this will save our 1-2 hours easily at the outset and then we will have bread and butter at the onset of our project.
  3. Since Drupal Commons is based on Drupal’s updated version, so we don’t need to worry about the latest version.
  4. This also provides us with some pre-generated views, therefore we can modify them; clone them, thereby using it in other sections of the site.
  5. The need for the Drupal Common’s package is just to save our time on the module search and installation thereby checking the functionality of the modules.

Therefore, now we have a package which contains the entire major modules required, the functionalities that are important for the development of Social Networking Sites. Major Module comes with Drupal Commons are: OG Group Module, Activity Logs, Home Box, Image Cache, Private Message, Active Stream, Chat API, Site Analytics – Quant, Blog, Document, Discussion, Polls Wikis, Event ,Notice, User Relations Ship, Facebook style status. Major Modules by D-Commons are:

  • Commons Activity Streams – Add’s status updates and activity streams to users and groups.
  • Commons Admin - Contains modules that provide admin interfaces.
  • Commons Blog - Provide a blog inside groups for Commons.
  • Commons Core - The main components of Commons.
  • Commons Discussion - Create discussions within groups in Commons.
  • Commons Document - Provide simple document management inside groups for Commons.
  • Commons Event - Create events on calendars inside groups in Commons.
  • Commons Group Aggregator - Provide an RSS aggregator for groups in Commons.
  • Commons Home - The components that make up the Commons home page.
  • Commons Invite - Allow users to send invitations to people to join the site.
  • Commons Notifications - Integration of email and web notifications for site activity.
  • Commons Poll - Create polls inside of groups in Commons.
  • Commons Profile - Provide social profiles for site users.
  • Commons Reputation - A reputation system for Commons which awards points and badges for community involvement.
  • Commons SEO - Provide functionality to improve search indexing, URL structure, etc.
  • Commons Shoutbox - Integrate a social shoutbox within the community.
  • Commons Subgroups - Add the ability for groups to reside inside other groups.
  • Commons Wiki - Provide a wiki for groups inside Commons.

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